Details make perfection, but perfection is no detail.

Leonardo Da Vinci

As seen by our clients.

Le Rezo uses a considered approach which is both technical and artistic so as to develop unique experiences which create emotions, meetings and “once in a lifetime” moments. Your satisfaction is expressed in the following testimonials.

As returning clients, we at MT2 always knew our corporate parties are in the right hands with Olivier, in Barcelona ! He is a transformational creative genius who adds value to anything he designs and plans. Through his vision and diversified experience in the world of entertainment, he creates exactly the right experience and mood, starting from the coordination of the event all the way to the rich and select choice of entertainment he presents. Working with him is always a pleasure as he takes away the stress of planning any event, big or small, and turns it into an enjoyable memorable occasion!

Naji Bouhabib - Fonder and Chief Executive Officer MT2morrow

Hello, I had the chance to work with Olivier, Project Director for Le Rezo on five magnificent events for the Taxation and Corporate Affairs Department of the Rocher Group. The events were four team seminars: 1. A day at the Shangri-La in Paris followed by a Team Building at Alain Ducasse to affirm team cohesion, 2. A two-day cruise, by catamaran around Belle-Ile en Mer, with the aim of creating links between the employees of our Department, 3. A mountain escape to Megève in order to gain height on our lives and professional goals, 4. A sports stop in the creeks of Cassis to maintain and perpetuate a professional dynamic. The fifth event was an international business seminar bringing together all of the Group's tax staff. It took place in the heart of Paris, within the grounds of the splendid Hotel Hilton Saint-Lazare, bringing together more than a hundred people over three days. The Rezo met all of our expectations on each of these moments; everything was perfectly framed, punctuated to perfection, and punctuated with many little touches. I loved working with Olivier and congratulate him on the perfection of his services! I highly recommend his collaboration to all his prospects and sincerely thank him for his kindness and professionalism.

Natacha BLANC - Groupe Rocher

Dear all, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your professionalism and dedication as regards the organisation of the event for the Paris-Dauphine University. The 50th anniversary of Dauphine was such an important event for our community and the birthday party was a huge success. The whole university joins me in thanking you! Huge thanks to you all.

Cécile Fondeur - Head of internal communications

The US CRETEIL worked with le REZO for its annual gala bringing together 500 people in the Palais des sports. Le REZO came up with the idea of an original set-up and happenings so as to create the ideal ambiance for this type of event in a restricted area. Le REZO knows how to motivate all those involved so that the objectives are perfectly met and the wants and needs of the client are guaranteed whilst complying with any restrictions. This creativity, this ability to listen to, and analyse, the requirements, the expertise and unwavering support provided throughout the evening are what made the event successful!

Angélique Honoré - Director

With all my thanks and thanks to the amazing team for this very successful event and a wonderful photo gallery! To celebrate at Madame Arthur's!


Dear Olivier, I wanted to thank you and ask you to be my messenger to Jean-Luc, Pierre, Helena, Jérôme, Guillaume and the others to express my gratitude to them for having contributed to the full success of this event. Work and patience have worked wonders. You've managed to bring them all to an almost professional level. The choice of songs was greatly appreciated. We have very positive feedback. Bravo again and thank you for everything. Christine DEMESSE President of AAEENA

Christine DEMESSE - Présidente de l'AAEENA

Olivier, It is with great pleasure that I would like to tell you how happy I am with the service provided by Le Rezo. Together we successfully organised two annual conventions for 600 employees. I appreciated your professionalism and I always felt safe in your hands when the events were taking place. The means and methods you used struck the right balance to ensure that the events were successful. What sets you apart from other companies I have worked with on the same type of project is the combination of your creativity, high standards, ambition, and your ability to listen to your client and manage a budget. You always come up with the best possible scenario for your client, you stand up for what you believe in and you work with your client in the most transparent manner possible to implement the chosen plan. I wish you much success for your future events and I hope that our paths will cross again.

Martine GILLOT - Director of Communication and Public relations